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Why Franchise in a Tutoring Business

After-school tutoring is a multi-billion pound industry and demand for it has never been greater. Parents are busier than ever and ballooning class sizes are leaving many children without the personalised attention. Tutoring services offer parents a way to give their children the support they need by giving students a comfortable space in which to learn. 

As a Boost Education franchise holder, you will have access to a diverse customer base and recurring revenue model that grows as you establish your reputation in your territory. With the backing of the Boost Education brand, our team and resources, your business is set up for success when you replicate our proven model for parent, student and centre success.

Charged Up Curriculum ™

Boost Education franchise centres will offer highly personalised tutoring in Mathematics, English, Science and 11+ exam preparation to children between the ages of 4 to 16. Our tutoring classes are closely aligned with the new national curriculum and the order of topics students presently cover at school.

Further, our very own Boost Education Charged Up Curriculum™ is endorsed by various exam boards and our 11+ courses cater for a range of different exam boards. Courses are led by tutors with proven expertise who follow set plans to help master all key exam components, while providing each student the time, space and support to overcome learning obstacles.

Charged Up Curriculum
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Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Our classes foster a relaxed learning culture with a 4:1 student-to-tutor ratio. We encourage classmates to interact, co-learn and have fun in the learning process. Students are grouped according to our in-house assessment results and their current school performance record. 


Our monthly mock exams provide rigorous testing and review sessions that go beyond covering content in parrot fashion, but ensure that students grasp the fundamental concepts behind subject matter. Mock exams also give our tutors a good view to students’ progress and help to identify areas that require further attention.

Our Material

The Boost Education Charged Up Curriculum is developed for all year groups and subjects including primary school Maths and English, GCSE Higher, Foundation Maths and more. Our curriculum includes up to date workbooks and our tutors provide the support and guidance students need to work at a suitable level to build their ability and fluency in subjects. 

Tutors only allow students to move on to more complex learning material once they’ve mastered their current work and demonstrate their newly learned skills. Our learning content is continually revised and updated to align with curriculum changes and evolving educational norms.

Our Material
Our Results

Our Results

Top grades, proud parents and beaming students; that’s the result we aim for with every Boost Education student. From the child who needs a small confidence boost to students with more serious learning challenges, our faculty strives to help where they can make the biggest impact. 

Who We Look For

We are looking for potential franchisees who share a passion for children and education and who have a vested interest in helping their communities. While you don’t need a teaching qualification to run a successful tutoring centre, a commitment to helping children and a preparedness to take on the challenge of starting your own business are non-negotiables.

If you are the kind of person who sees yourself working within your community and making a difference, then we definitely want to hear from you. All our tutors and staff share this passion and are dedicated to nurturing young minds in a way that gives them the confidence to be their best selves.

Who We Look For
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Day In The Life

A Day In The Life...

Curious about what it takes to run a bustling Boost Education centre? Here’s what a typical day looks like for a centre owner.

  • Check communications from parents and see to admin tasks
  • Check through class timetables, payroll and finances
  • Organise material for assessments and new starters
  • Set up the day and brief staff on any updates
  • Welcome students and parents to the centre
  • Monitor quality of classes and register newcomers
  • Keep a to-do list for any updates that need implementing
  • Hold feedback sessions with parents and tutors
  • Hold individual feedback sessions with tutors
  • Monitoring daily sales and marketing performance

Your Success. Our Success.

The nature of a franchise business is such that all parties involved share a vested interest in the success of the other. Boost Education has made significant investments in its brand, value offering, human resources and infrastructure. With this said, we are naturally highly invested in the success of every Boost Education franchise holder as our hard-earned reputation and future growth depend on it.  Likewise, our success means yours in that our shared brand becomes more recognisable, carries more currency and opens more doors for future opportunities.

Your Success

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Ready To Run Your Own Boost Education Tutoring Centre?

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Still Have Questions?

Contact our team today to learn more about the Boost Education Franchise programme.

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Interested To Learn More?

Request your free info pack to learn more on how you can turn your passion for education into a profitable tutoring business.