Six reasons to partner with us and run your very own tutoring business

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Tuition Ilford - Boost Education

Arguably the biggest advantage to buying a franchise is the fact that the franchisee only needs to replicate an already proven business formula. However, this also implies that the success of the franchisee will always be limited by the franchisor’s efficiency and competitiveness – highlighting the importance of choosing the best franchisor in your industry or niche.

At Boost Education, we’ve built a business that is both robust and profitable and we’re looking for like-minded people who share a love for children and a passion for education. If you’re considering a business venture in tutoring services, then consider these six reasons for partnering with one of the most respected names in after school tutoring.

A trusted brand and industry reputation

Few names in after school tutoring is as recognisable and respected as Boost Education Charged Up. We have been in the tutoring business for over ten years and built a reputation for quality education and academic results that speak to our commitment to our standards and our students. 

Thanks to ongoing investment in our brand, staff, centres and operations, Boost Education franchisees replicate a business model that is well-tested and refined over years. Our reputation also makes your franchise more recognisable as word of mouth and referrals from happy parents usually brings in a lot of business annually.

Investment in your success

Your success means our success and that means that we’re with you every step of the way to building a thriving franchise business. Every Boost Education franchisee receives a complete business package to get them up and running in the shortest time. This includes comprehensive training and support to ensure that you manage your business efficiently and profitably, coupled with proven systems and processes and continuous knowledge sharing throughout your

The potential market share your franchise can enjoy is boosted by the fact that you’ll enjoy exclusivity in your area as a Boost Education centre. Your centre will also be included in our national marketing strategy as a member of our network of outlets and you will have your very own website from which to market your centre online.

A curriculum that’s second to none

The Boost Education Charged Up ™ Curriculum provides students with a study programme that has been vetted and approved by various exam bodies. Our curriculum stays current with the national school curriculum as changes are made to it over time. We specialise in Mathematics, English and Science tuition with classes that match up with the order of topics students study at school. 

Our lessons follow set plans to help master all key exam components and we also possess an exclusive bank of 11+ papers to give students sufficient exam practice. All of this allows us to support students with little to no disruption in their daily schooling.

Affordable startup costs

Our initial startups costs are of the lowest in the education sector with a range of benefits included to help our franchisees start their business on the right foot. Your investment will cover things like initial setup costs, branding, styling, training, learning material and legal fees. Our startup cost is kept low thanks to a streamlined business model that is easy to replicate and is both robust and profitable. 

Long term growth opportunities

The current value of the tutoring industry in the UK stands at £6.5 billion and is set to reach £10 billion by 2025. The demand for quality and affordable tutoring in the UK is set to grow as more businesses start to compete in this space. The Boost Education advantage is that we are in tune with what our market needs from us and have developed a curriculum, teaching methodology, facilities and pricing structure that makes our business model robust and competitive.  

Exclusive territories

As mentioned, Boost Education franchisees enjoy exclusive territory rights over their areas, giving you a stronger competitive edge. Operating under the Boost banner and replicating our proven marketing solutions will funnel customers to your business. What’s more is that if your single outlet outperforms your expectations you can always expand your footprint with multiple outlets and increase your reach and revenue as a top performing franchisee.

Ready to run your very own tutoring franchise?

The Boost Education business model is a tried and tested system that’s resulted in multiple centres across the London area. With demand for quality and affordable after school tutoring services on the rise, partnering with a leader in its industry holds major potential for the aspiring franchisee. Talk to us today if you are ready to run your own tutoring franchise or download your free info pack and reach out to us for a chat.

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